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Kitchens are the most commonly shared room in a home and we love turning it into a place that is not only functional but stunning at the same time.  Anything from a quick upgrade of countertops or resurfacing those worn cabinets, to a full on renovation that includes opening up, creating an island, making room for that double range and sub zero fridge, we do it ALL!  We want our customers to be knowledgeable;  not only the look of the kitchen but the overall quality of the products they are installing.  We have taken the time to show you some comparisons between very popular Granite and Quartz and also some pictures to show some of our outstanding workmanship. 

Granite and quartz surfaces are very durable and capable of lasting a very long time.  They are both heat, scratch, chemical and stain resistant. Quartz surfaces are engineered from natural quartz while granite, in and of itself, is a natural stone. Both surfaces are very low maintenance.  While granite is limited to the colors nature has produced, quartz is artificially colored throughout for a custom and unique look.  While granite and quartz are in the upper tiers of cost, they will give you the longevity and durability associated with their price.

Quartz is a manufactured stone and it is hard to duplicate the veining and pattern look you get from genuine marble or granite. Quartz is slightly more expensive than granite.
Granite is porous, so staining is possible without a quality sealer.

When we replace countertops with either product to ensure it's life long durability it is sealed and cleaned thoroughly.  Matching a backslash with the countertop is the next step and that can be done with the help of our product specialist and design consultant.

For more samples and info visit: http://www.caesarstoneus.com/en/Gallery/Ultramodern/Pages/default.aspx